I have been immersed in the world of creativity since I was very young. Coloring books, fun papers, stickers, and collecting fancy mechanical pencils were the definite start of my creative journey. Also, thanks to a long line of artists in my family, I was born with a creative eye. Or my mom calls them my "design visions."
I use CREATIVE instead of DESIGNS because I have skills and get creative joy beyond designing. I am drawn to things all around me that are visually stimulating and cohesive, from decorating cupcakes, painting windows for holidays, or picking out decor for my daughters' room. Don't get me started on Pinterest!
Everyone says you should color outside the lines. To be creative doesn't always mean you go outside the box. Sometimes staying within a structured look is what is needed. Otherwise, it can just look like a mess. That is brand to me. I am not only a creator of branding but a protector of it. Branding is a passion of mine.